Join us at the Big Country Campgrounds in 2022 and gain access to an exclusive Friday sunset performance + free shuttles into Berry on Friday evening and all day Saturday. There are a few key details you need to be aware of when camping at Big Country. Please read the below information carefully before securing your tickets.

Camping Tickets: Each person camping at Big Country requires a Camping Ticket.

Campground Vehicle Pass: You will need one Campground Vehicle Pass for each 8m x 5m Camp Site you require. If you want to camp next to a friend, YOU MUST ARRIVE AT THE SAME TIME.

Rent-a-Tent: Don’t want to worry about setting up your site? Book a Rent-a-Tent package! You will need a Camping Ticket for each person camping, but do not need a Campground Vehicle Pass if you are booking a Rent-a-Tent package. You will need to secure your Rent-a-Tent package separately to your Camping Ticket here.

Festival Ticket: Your Camping Ticket does not include entry into the Festival. You must also secure a Festival Ticket for each person attending Big Country.

Campground FAQs: Please read through the campground FAQs here

General Release 12+

$40+ BF

Final Release 12+

$45+ BF

Children 11 and under


Campground Vehicle Pass

$258m x 5m Camp Site